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About Us

Build it and they will come.

This mantra is alive and well in the world of ecommerce. New sites pop up every day that compete directly with what you offer.

But the mantra is a lie!

  1. You can build it and no one will come UNLESS you market it. Can you do this profitably? We can
  2. You can build it and leak money out of your value chain. Can you spot and fill the holes? We can
  3. You can build it and people come but don’t buy. Do you know why not? We can fix this


We KNOW ecommerce.

There is both art and science to building, growing and maximizing profits for online businesses. Redline Minds has the perfect combination of creativity, technological expertise, marketing expertise and tactical skills required to maximize success with online sales.

Lots of companies do it reasonably well. That’s not good enough for us.

Our Clients

Our ideal client is a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler who seeks to establish, expand or turn around an ecommerce channel.  We work with:

  • New businesses
  • Small businesses (under $10 million)
  • Medium-sized businesses (up to $200 million)

Businesses that sell into markets with strong growth potential.

We’re also honest. If we don’t believe it’s a good fit, we’ll say so. We believe in mutually rewarding relationships.